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At Divine Fish Farm we grow catfish to table-size using fresh water and high quality feed. We process our catfish by methodically smoking and drying them under hygienic conditions. Finally, we package and sell our processed catfish to customers near and far.

Divine Fish Farm is family-owned and we are in business for the long-term. This means we ensure we deliver fish that are robust, nutritious and taste great.

We supply processed (smoked and dried) catfish on order to homes, caterers, hotels, restaurants and bars in Lagos. We deliver from ten kilograms (10 kg) at five thousand naira (N6,000) per kilogram.  

We sell fresh fish through market women to the final consumer. Our catfish always sell-out from the stalls of market women.

Divine Fish Farm creates jobs in our economy because we provide a steady supply of fish for women to sell and support their families from their gains.

We also offer consultancy service to people venturing into catfish farming or who are thinking of expanding their current catfish business.

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We process and sell smoked and dried catfish.

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Divine Fish Farm, P.O. Box 574, Agbado Station, Lagos, Nigeria

Email: info@divinefish.com.ng; Tel: +234-8077776861, +234-8037467046

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